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About Us

Welcome to Azukari Koi, the UK Premier Koi Importer

Japanese Koi Carp Imports.  Wholesale from Japan

Azukari Koi are based in Niigata, Japan.  The birthplace of Nishikigoi (Koi Carp).  We are here to provide you with the koi you need to run a successful and profitable koi business.  We know the importance of sourcing the right koi, at the price at the right time.  That's what we do, we're here to make your koi business stronger and profitable.

We are based in Niigata, Japan throughout the buying season.  We live and work at the heart of the koi community and have positioned ourselves in the perfect position to get the best koi for your business’s needs.  We are immersed in the Japanese koi world and the results of that are invaluable.

Whatever it is you need, wherever you have placed your koi business, we can work together to get you the koi you need.  Koi that retail for under £10 through to koi that are capable of taking major honours in the most prestige of koi shows.

Japanese Koi Carp Imports.  Wholesale Trade Koi from Japan

We speak Japanese and work very closely with the breeders on a daily basis.  Constantly checking available stocks and continually monitoring the quality and the health.


Please contact myself, Chris Edwards at anytime to discuss how we can join forces to make your koi business thrive.  Thank you.

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