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Ikeage - A definition


At this time of the year you will often read the word “Ikeage” in many magazines and on many of the dealer’s blogs from Japan. For a non Japanese speaking person, this can often be a confusing word, not least being the pronunciation.

I remember 25 years ago when I first read the word I pronounced it in my head very wrongly. I pronounced it; “Ike” (as in bike) and “age” (as in cage). Often many Europeans will pronounce it “Icky” (as in tricky) and “arge” (as in barge).

It is in fact pronounced “I” (as in igloo) “ke” (as in kept) “a” (as in apple) and “ge” (as in get).

What is an Ikeage? Basically, an Ikeage is a koi harvest. If you call a breeder and ask him where he is, he will often say he’s doing, or going to an Ikeage. A breeder might sometime call and say he’s just done an Ikeage, or ask for help with the Ikeage etc etc.

So what does the word actually mean?

It’s a combination of 2 word. Ike and Ageru. Ike means a “pond” and Ageru means “to raise up”. So basically it means to raise the koi up out of the mudpond.

There we go, as clear as a mudpond.

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